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​     Yehoshua Solomon was blessed with the passionate gift of music handed down from his father, Dr. Nosson Solomon.   As a hobby, Dr. Solomon would play his guitar as he and his three sons, Yehoshua, Moshe Chaim, and Avraham, would join in harmony.  This method of singing was done almost every Shabbos in their home.  Yehoshua and his siblings grew up listening to the likes of Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, Safam, Amudai Shaish Boys Choir, Miami Boys Choir, and many others.

     Around 1987, Yehoshua and his brothers recorded on an album for the first time as members of the (now defunct) Amudai Shaish Boys Choir, under the direction of Shmuel Borger.  Following that, in 1989, Yehoshua Solomon, along with several other boys, were chosen to partake as members of the "Pirchei Boys Choir".  Under the direction of the Yochi Briskman, the choir performed as a "25 Year Jewish Music Tribute" for HASC's "A Time for Music 2" in Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall.  It was also Yehoshua's first live performing experience on a concert stage!

     Yehoshua studied piano, under the guidance of Avromy Weisberger.  While in high school, Yehoshua played keyboard and sang lead for his high school band, and also experimented as a "one man band & singer" for small events.  As his voice matured during those years, Yehoshua was given the opportunity to perform and record with the Miami Boys Choir's adult chorus (a.k.a. the Miami Voice Symphony), under the direction of Yerachmiel Begun.  Albums include "Miami Experience 4" (Recorded live at Brooklyn College), "Miami Experience 5" (Recorded live at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum), and "One By One". 

     In the past summers, Yehoshua served as co-director for the boys choir and director of the band at Camp Dora Golding (where he has earned his unusual nickname: "Spodda", 1996-2000).  Additionally, he has coordinated music events and served as the "in-house" musician at Chaim Day Camp (2002-present).  During the school year, Yehoshua is a Jewish music teacher and serves as the "in-house musician" at Yeshiva Derech HaTorah in Brooklyn, NY.  And on several occasions, Yehoshua conducted boys choirs in other Yeshivos, as well.

     During his college years, Yehoshua studied piano, recording, and other music subjects at Queensborough Community College.   He also participated in several recordings and concert performances as a backup vocalist. Albums include "Shaalu Shalom Yerushalayim" (Y. Williger), "It's Never Too Late" (JEP), "Beleivav Shaleim"  (Y. Williger), "Ashrecha" (M. Pruzansky), "Yogati Matzasi" (Y. Young).  Around that time, Yehoshua decided to join the "one man band" trend, and over the next 15 years, became very popular among many other Jewish music artists, leading him to several opportunities to perform alongside them. 

     In 2012, Yehoshua Solomon entered the Jewish international online music video & live performance competition known as "A Jewish Star".  For the music video audition, he covered Yossi Green's "Beshivtecho". The music video was well received by online voters and the judges (Eli Gerstner, Yossi Green, Mendy Pellin, Avraham Fried), enabling him to become one of the top eight finalists. For the live performance at Brooklyn College, Yehoshua performed a cover of Yeedle's "Emor Me'at". (For the "Jewish Star" interview, click here).

     Yehoshua Solomon currently resides in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, NY.